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Been awhile

Boy it has been. So what has been going on with me?

Busy. I'd started back to school before Dad passed, so he at least was here to tell my first semester back grades. Everytime I look at grades now I see his smile and hear him say "That's wonderful." That's a good thing.

The house will be paid off next month. YAY place to live without rent.

Have a January 1st release - Ghostly Passions from MuseitHot. The Envoy is selling well. Black Velvet okay. Trying to get Sarah's Story back so I can fix somethings.

I finally became a cover artist for an ePublisher. And was promptly made Art Director on the basis of I'm getting my degree and I exceed my deadlines. Love doing them - most of the time - there are always some authors.

Broadway Universe - I haven't been able to get any more edits done on it - but am considering now finishing them and submitting them to my new publisher.

AC/Heater finally died - it's been trying for three years but we kept it running. Now it's dead and it's cold. But that will be fixed next month too.

Well I hope you all have had a good year and a merry christmas. Wishing you a Happy New Year too!

Sad news

My father just died.

The Envoy is OUT!

Remember that Vampire Romance I started way back in 2006? It's OUT!

Danger and passion stalk the cool southern nights.

When Diana Matthews waited on Francisco Bolle at Electronic Avenue, she never imagined the dangerous world of vampires was more than mere myth. Nor did she imagine one would come to her rescue when three thugs confronted her after work. Fascinated with his old world charm, Diana can't resist being drawn to Francisco even though his true nature is as frightening as it is fascinating.

Francisco Bolle is intrigued by the feisty, petite sales clerk. But when an old enemy returns to challenge the laws of Vampire society, danger and death might come between them. Diana had just started to accept what he is when the worst side of himself surfaces.

Can Francisco and Diana survive the danger? More importantly, can they survive their love?

Get it here: http://www.lyricalpress.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=272

It's my life ...

So, I'm horrible about posting. What is going on.

College: Finals are DONE - Grades are in - 4.0! Summer semester starts in 2 and a half weeks. Have to get some paperwork in for Financial Aid but advisor is on Vacation. Going to try and talk to the department chair next week.

Writing: Envoy comes out July 5th. That is the one so many of you helped me with and will be at www.lyricalpress.com. Contracted 2 other books and working on finishing another book hopefully will finish the rough soon - then some editing and submit book #6! Didn't think four years ago I'd have one book contracted much less 5!

Tir and her fiance were here this week - WONDERFUL visit. We did a location scout, plotted, talked, watched Sanctuary Season 1, went to the casino and just had a great time. They left this morning and while I know it's the first of many visits it was still sad to say goodbye this morning.

That's about it for my life.

Genealogy and life Update

Well I lost the link to Pocahantas... But really that was just a "No, that can't be right" than anything else. Strangely it doesn't bother me at all. I did find out where my temper came from. 4 or 5X great Grandfather - through my great Grandmother Ella V. Hardy was a very bad boy. He was arrested for assault. So yup - temper comes from there. Did find out some interesting things about the Harris side of the family - it's well documented with various sources from legetimate genealogical researchers who wrote books on the family. But not going into it all until I am 100%.

In other news -

College - midterms are OVER! and I still have a 4.0 in all my classes. Shocking the hell out of myself.

Publishing - The Envoy (the vampire romance so many of you helped me with) is set to release July 5th. I'm waiting on line edits to come back through.

A friend I'd made through my writing - she was EIC when Sarah's Story was going through edits - opened her own publishing company. She'd seen the cover I did for it and another book as well as some mock-ups I did. She offered me a position as cover artist. So that dream is coming true too.

Dad, well don't know if I posted it here - but right before New Years he fell and ended up with a couple broken ribs and 2 deflated lungs. He came home then developed a case of bronchitis - my fault I had it first, so back to the hospital he went. We're setting him up with Hospice palative, which is more for me and Matt than him.

In May Tir is going to come down and visit for a week. We're going to be visiting, plotting, and picking locations for a new series we have planned. Plan on going to the boats one day. Also planned are trips to Bellingrath Gardens and one of the museums (She edited a paper I had to do for Art History for me and wants to see the sculpture.)

Oh! So far this year I've found a 5-leaf and a 4-leaf clover in the yard!


SO, I blame the show Who Do You Think You Are - it got me interested in tracing my genealogy - not so much my mother's... because someone had done that and I'd heard all about it growing up. But I decided to trace my Dad's family. Let's just say I've found out LOTS of interesting shit!

Like through my Grandmother - I'm a descendant of Pocahontas - I checked it three times cause I didn't believe it but she's back there! Also through her I traced back to the American Revolution where a Grandfather signed the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence in May of 1775 then further back all the way to 1160 in Scotland. Along the way my Grandmother's family entertained Queen Elizabeth I, Attended the Wedding of Henry VII and Lady Anne, Negotiated a marriage between King James's daughter and the Dauphin of France in 1425, Knew Robert the Bruce...

WOW! This is like the dream family tree and I SWEAR I just followed the clues and it all blossomed in front of me!

EDIT: Sometimes you have to check 4 times... so I lost Pocahontas BUT I gained a printer!!! The writer in me is more impressed by that.

Forgot to squeal here!

My November release - Black Velvet. The one I co-wrote with my buddy Tir... it's going to...



Why is that important? Cause I just signed my fourth publishing contract!

Covers always make it more real!

The cover for Envoy!

Back to School

46 years old and I finally decided it's time to go back and get a degree. Oh I'm not expecting to get a "job" in corprate America after I graduate - hell I'll be 50 years old then BUT I decided I want that little piece of paper that says I've got a degree. And well - it took technology this long to catch up and for me to decide WHAT I wanted to major in. Best of all 3 year scholarship from the Alabama VA!!! I only have to pay institutional fees.

Tonight is my first class in over 10 years. So excited and nervous about that.