December 26th, 2010

Leverage "Kill The Stupid"

Been awhile

Boy it has been. So what has been going on with me?

Busy. I'd started back to school before Dad passed, so he at least was here to tell my first semester back grades. Everytime I look at grades now I see his smile and hear him say "That's wonderful." That's a good thing.

The house will be paid off next month. YAY place to live without rent.

Have a January 1st release - Ghostly Passions from MuseitHot. The Envoy is selling well. Black Velvet okay. Trying to get Sarah's Story back so I can fix somethings.

I finally became a cover artist for an ePublisher. And was promptly made Art Director on the basis of I'm getting my degree and I exceed my deadlines. Love doing them - most of the time - there are always some authors.

Broadway Universe - I haven't been able to get any more edits done on it - but am considering now finishing them and submitting them to my new publisher.

AC/Heater finally died - it's been trying for three years but we kept it running. Now it's dead and it's cold. But that will be fixed next month too.

Well I hope you all have had a good year and a merry christmas. Wishing you a Happy New Year too!