del_kaidin (del_kaidin) wrote,


SO, I blame the show Who Do You Think You Are - it got me interested in tracing my genealogy - not so much my mother's... because someone had done that and I'd heard all about it growing up. But I decided to trace my Dad's family. Let's just say I've found out LOTS of interesting shit!

Like through my Grandmother - I'm a descendant of Pocahontas - I checked it three times cause I didn't believe it but she's back there! Also through her I traced back to the American Revolution where a Grandfather signed the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence in May of 1775 then further back all the way to 1160 in Scotland. Along the way my Grandmother's family entertained Queen Elizabeth I, Attended the Wedding of Henry VII and Lady Anne, Negotiated a marriage between King James's daughter and the Dauphin of France in 1425, Knew Robert the Bruce...

WOW! This is like the dream family tree and I SWEAR I just followed the clues and it all blossomed in front of me!

EDIT: Sometimes you have to check 4 times... so I lost Pocahontas BUT I gained a printer!!! The writer in me is more impressed by that.
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