del_kaidin (del_kaidin) wrote,

Genealogy and life Update

Well I lost the link to Pocahantas... But really that was just a "No, that can't be right" than anything else. Strangely it doesn't bother me at all. I did find out where my temper came from. 4 or 5X great Grandfather - through my great Grandmother Ella V. Hardy was a very bad boy. He was arrested for assault. So yup - temper comes from there. Did find out some interesting things about the Harris side of the family - it's well documented with various sources from legetimate genealogical researchers who wrote books on the family. But not going into it all until I am 100%.

In other news -

College - midterms are OVER! and I still have a 4.0 in all my classes. Shocking the hell out of myself.

Publishing - The Envoy (the vampire romance so many of you helped me with) is set to release July 5th. I'm waiting on line edits to come back through.

A friend I'd made through my writing - she was EIC when Sarah's Story was going through edits - opened her own publishing company. She'd seen the cover I did for it and another book as well as some mock-ups I did. She offered me a position as cover artist. So that dream is coming true too.

Dad, well don't know if I posted it here - but right before New Years he fell and ended up with a couple broken ribs and 2 deflated lungs. He came home then developed a case of bronchitis - my fault I had it first, so back to the hospital he went. We're setting him up with Hospice palative, which is more for me and Matt than him.

In May Tir is going to come down and visit for a week. We're going to be visiting, plotting, and picking locations for a new series we have planned. Plan on going to the boats one day. Also planned are trips to Bellingrath Gardens and one of the museums (She edited a paper I had to do for Art History for me and wants to see the sculpture.)

Oh! So far this year I've found a 5-leaf and a 4-leaf clover in the yard!
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