del_kaidin (del_kaidin) wrote,

It's my life ...

So, I'm horrible about posting. What is going on.

College: Finals are DONE - Grades are in - 4.0! Summer semester starts in 2 and a half weeks. Have to get some paperwork in for Financial Aid but advisor is on Vacation. Going to try and talk to the department chair next week.

Writing: Envoy comes out July 5th. That is the one so many of you helped me with and will be at Contracted 2 other books and working on finishing another book hopefully will finish the rough soon - then some editing and submit book #6! Didn't think four years ago I'd have one book contracted much less 5!

Tir and her fiance were here this week - WONDERFUL visit. We did a location scout, plotted, talked, watched Sanctuary Season 1, went to the casino and just had a great time. They left this morning and while I know it's the first of many visits it was still sad to say goodbye this morning.

That's about it for my life.
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