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Happy New Year a little late.

Sorry been kind of hairy around the house. Dad fell on Tuesday, we took him up to the ER - bruised but not broken... that is until they looked at the Xray again the next morning and called us to bring him up for another xray. Did that... 2 broken ribs 1 lung collapsed 80% the other lung collapsed 40%. He's been in ICU since Wednesday evening. They might be moving him to a regular room tomorrow.

Now for what I should have posted the 31st:


Was as usual a mixed bag.

Friendship ended - I wasn't totally at fault but wasn't blameless either.
Friendship strengthened - With shared goals
New Friendships started - Moving into another area, I've made a lot of new friends.
Had 2 books Published from 2 different Publishers.
Signed Contract for a 3rd book.
Submitted a 4th book.
Got a job with one of my publishers.
Got a 3 year scholarship to go back to college.
Got my first flu shot ever.
Got put on Cholesterol medication... it's not horrifically high but still...
Oh and mustn't forget - Drop a cast iron pipe on my toe.

It was a year - and 2010 will have it's ups and downs too. Looking forward to see what it will bring.
Leverage "Kill The Stupid"

Post Christmas

Well the crazy season is over for another year.

Christmas Day was... well a day. Baked a ham for dinner, got pissed at hubby and dad because - hubby was wrapped up in a computer program I gave him 5 minute warning for dinner so he could put away his laptop and 10 minutes before dinner Dad decides to put himself back to bed. Then later had the ham on the counter cooling before I put it in the fridge - ran to the store to get snacks and the dogs decided that they wanted it... Yup a seven pound ham reduced to bone in 15 minutes! Not a happy camper.

BUT I get up this morning and find out that Sarah's Story won an award at a review site!!! I get a prize. So, if you took time to go vote - thanks! Then hubby took me to see Avatar.

Decided to try a new way of writing in 2010. The way my muse works is she jumps from story to story... SO I'll create a work in progress file and just type what I get then at the end of the day/week put it in the right files. It'll help a lot - I think.

I did mention I sold Envoy - the vampire story I was working on a few years ago. Have a release date in July.

So that's about my life for the week - same old ups and downs. But that's life.
Leverage "Kill The Stupid"

OK... Yeah it's the season

And I'm in a fairly decent mood towards Christmas this year... Maybe cause this year has gone pretty good...

2 books released - 1 under contract - 1 in submission and 1 to go into submission hopefully this weekend.

This year I stumbled across a deliciously raunchy partial version of the 12 days of christmas.... Thank you Kim Harrison and Jenks!

Made a lot of great new friends.

Got a JOB!!! One I can do from home!!

Hubby bought me a new Desktop Computer AND a 1T external hard drive.

Yeah, there were the bad times... but more good than bad this year. So hope everyone that still reads my posts has a very merry Christmas!
Leverage "Kill The Stupid"

Update on me!

Well lets start with health issues - nothing new since the broken toe, except got my seasonal flu shot and got put on cholesterol meds. Hubby is having numbness in his hands and we're going to the neurologist to find out why he keeps losing feeling in his left hand. They did nerve induction studies Wed - we'll find out Monday. Dad - fell Sometime Friday night, we found him around 4 Saturday morning when I got up to go to the bathroom. No broken bones but he did bruise a rib - he's fallen a couple times since then and now his ankles are swelling.

Writing - Black Velvet released and sales are GREAT! Finally finished Envoy and submitted it. So that's now 2 I'm waiting to hear back on.

VA - Nothing new there.
Leverage "Kill The Stupid"

NaNo - just around the corner

I've been gearing up for NaNo - doing something unusual this year... preliminary planning. BUT then this year I'm trying my hand at a Paranormal Romantic Suspense which meant some planning and researching. I even did a cover image...

Leverage "Kill The Stupid"

Can't you think of something new?

OK was watching ABC tonight - and ALL hype like they show an ad for this new show... Aliens come to earth, can't say anything that could be negative about them - I'm looking at it going - uhhh this looks familiar... then they slap on the title - a big red V


I remember watching the first incarnation - won't watch the second version...

PSSST - Read no further if you don't want to know...

Reptilian Aliens come to Earth for FOOD - guess what humans are?
Leverage "Kill The Stupid"

Sorry - I've lost the feeling

OK - watched the first ep of the new Inuyasha. It was good - but I never really got into it like I used to. I'll give it a few eps to see if that changes but other than watch a few eps - probably not going to follow it religiously.
Leverage "Kill The Stupid"


Is 29 days away. I'm still trying to decide which story to work on. But at least this year I can dictate the story. Have a couple options -

A Post Apocalyptic book - If it turns out how I see it and the length it's going to be my first attempt at breaching the NY publishing establishment.


TDC 2 - have folks asking for that one.


I dunno - but I'm sure something will hit me.

So who else is doing NaNo this year?